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Position London, National Gallery
Künstler in London, National Gallery, Saal 43
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Andreas Schelfhout
1787 Den Haag - 1870 Den Haag
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Carl Blechen
1798 Cottbus - 1840 Berlin
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Édouard Bertin
1797 Paris - 1871 Paris
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George Augustus Wallis
1761 Merton - 1847 Florenz
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Gilles-François Closson
1786 Lüttich - 1842 Lüttich
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Jean-Antoine Constantin
1756 Bonneveine - 1844 Aix-en-Provence
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Jean-Michel Cels
1819 Den Haag - 1894 Brüssel
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Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes
1750 Toulouse - 1819 Paris
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Ramsay Richard Reinagle
1775 London - 1862 London
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Thomas Fearnley
1802 Fredrikshald - 1842 München
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Thomas Jones
1742 Trefonnen, Wales - 1803 Pencerrig, Wales
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Thomas Kerrich
1748 Dersingham - 1828 Cambridge
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Vilhelm Petersen
1812 Kopenhagen - 1880 Kopenhagen
Kunstwerke von Simon Denis (1791–1800)


Artists painted oil sketches in the open air, on paper or small panels at least as early as the seventeenth century. By the late eighteenth century, the practice was widespread across Europe, but the undisputed centre was Italy, renowned for the quality of its light, its scenery, and its ancient ruins. Many artists congregated in Rome, from where they would set out for the Roman Campagna and picturesque sites such as Tivoli.

By the 1830s painters were exploiting the scenic possibilities of their own countries. By this period the sketching tradition in the open air had developed into 'finished' naturalistic landscape painting, executed both out of doors and in the studio. Depictions of mountains, trees and waterfalls were considered legitimate subjects in their own right.

London, National Gallery, Saal 43
London, National Gallery, Saal 43, Bild 1/3
London, National Gallery, Saal 43, Bild 1/3
London, National Gallery, Saal 43, Bild 2/3
London, National Gallery, Saal 43, Bild 3/3

In Vorbereitung: Paris, Musée d’Orsay; Paris, Musée des Arts décoratifs; L'Aquila, Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo; Ascoli Piceno, Pinacoteca civica